Hello World!

Hi there, I’m Pritesh! I’m an experienced data scientist (~5 yrs) passionate about using machine learning and deep learning for real-world delivery and impact.

I think of this blog as more of a journal about learnings related to my profession. So I’ll try to focus on technology, programming, data science, AI… Though I might meander along some tangents every now & then.

I enjoy exploring state-of-the-art techniques to solve data science problems on competitive platforms like Kaggle. I’m also fairly active on Github.

I started blogging because I’ve heard a bunch of wise men, (like him), say that blogging helps you learn better. It’s also what the cool kids are doing these days! If this content can be useful and interesting to someone out there, then it’s a win-win !!

If you want to connect with me, you can reach out on one of my social media handles listed on the sidebar. You can also check out my reading list & reviews on Goodreads. Occasionally, I upload some whistling tunes on Soundcloud.

This website is powered by Jekyll & Github Pages, which were surprisingly pretty simple to use. The theme is
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